Friday, 31 August 2012

London Callin'

Off to Hogwarts // Bubble Tea // Dinner at The Diner // Kings X //
Bodean's // Aaron & his pulled pork // The Design Museum // Tower Bridge 

It's nearly time for Aaron and I to head off to London again for the YCN awards. It's happening Tuesday night and I can't wait! We're heading to London in the afternoon to have lunch at wahaca and do other touristy things around the city, maybe even go on the Air Line. Does anyone have any amazing places they like to visit in London? Let me know, we're up for exploring!

I'm sure I'll be documenting the night of YCN and London in general on instagram, so if you want follow me my username is hannahcobbe, and I'm sure I'll get around to do a post on it sometime too!


  1. This looks soooo perfect! Bubble tea AND Bodeans <3 swoon.


  2. Ohhh I love Bodeans, the pulled pork is just divine. And all those smoky, chipotle sauces! I love Wahaca too- the chocolate and cinnamon churros are my favourite. Definitely go on the Air Line if you get a chance, it's quite quick but some really good views :) xx

    1. The pulled pork is amazing! We were tempted to go back, but thought we'd try somewhere else this time. We'll definitely be getting the churros! xx